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Ocelot Education Services

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The aim of Education Services Medway is to support schools and academies by ensuring that you are provided with value for money services that support young people to reach their potential. The broadening of our partnerships is enabling us to not only offer services to a wider range of schools, but also offer new services to enrich learning for students.
This past year has seen a growth in the number of academies, and we are delighted that we are able to continue to work collaboratively with you all.

Each service area on SLA Online contains clear service information, including pricing, charging arrangements and contact details. There are brand new services available to you this year and some exciting new developments within existing services.

In these challenging times, we have worked with service teams to keep charges as low as possible whilst continuing to deliver the services you have told us you want.

We will also continue to use your feedback to improve the quality and range of services offered to schools.

Working in partnership with you all will help achieve our collective aspiration of excellent service and excellent outcomes for children and young people.


  • Customer support centre for queries, questions and guidance;
  • Support and guidance on academy conversions, school amalgamations/federations;
  • Buy back purchasing help;
  • Account management;
  • Central invoicing port;
  • Continuous monitoring of service quality and prices;
  • One stop shop for all your traded services needs

Contact Details

For more information please email us at: education@ocelot.org.uk