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School Census

Spring School Census 2019

School Census
The Spring school census opens on the 17th of January, please familiarise yourself with the changes for this census and make sure you are able to log into Secure Access. Please be aware that some of these changes affect school funding; therefore please implement these changes as soon as possible for an effective Spring School Census return. 

The deadline for submissions is 13 February 19, therefore please have something uploaded to COLLECT by this date. There will be time after this date, if there are any outstanding errors or queries, to make any necessary amendments. The final closing date is the 13 March 2019.

We will be in contact regarding duplicates, however we can only see duplicates in COLLECT that include maintained schools, so any academy to academy duplicates we will not be able to view. You can run the reports in COLLECT to see if there are any for your school and amend your data as necessary (in your MIS and COLLECT). The reports are Duplicate report – Same Person Different UPN and Duplicate Report - Same UPN, and can be found on the My COLLCET page where you can view/submit your return; duplicates should always be checked against all authorities.

For further information, please see the guidance which will be uploaded to the website shortly:

Problems relating to SIMS should be directed to EIS on telephone: 0300 065 8888 or

If you have any other queries, please contact the Performance and Intelligence Team by emailing or by telephoning 01634 332613 or 01634 334266. To contact CAPITA helpdesk please call 01234 832020

07 Jan 2019

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