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The end of Windows 7 & Server 2008

Microsoft have issued their last warning about the end of life support for Window 7 & Server 2008


BCTec keep getting asked some key questions which we thought we would share with you.


When will Microsoft stop supporting these operating systems?

14th of January 2020 Microsoft will stop providing any security updates for these systems.


What does this mean for your school?

If you have any Microsoft Windows 7 machines or any Microsoft Server 2008 servers, you need to plan their replacement or upgrade to a supported operating system ASAP.


Will the systems stop working?

No. The systems will continue to work but without security updates the machines are at risk of being targeted and Microsoft will not release the patches to keep the systems safe.


What steps do you need to take to stay protected?

Try to have all machines by mid January 2020 on supported operating systems. If you still have the odd one, be prepared, informed of the risks & seek IT advice to keep your data safe.


If you have any concerns or need a helpful conversation, feel free to contact Bradley at BCTec.




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04 Jul 2019

Bradley Tillman
BCTec Limited
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