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Animate Arts

 Animate Arts is on a Mission!  
We have challenged ourselves to get every primary and special needs school child in Kent involved in an arts activity in 2020. 
Today, almost 50% of teachers feel that the quality of arts provision has worsened in the last 10 years. Fabian Society report in January 2019
Over the past ten years we have witnessed a decline of creative activities in schools first-hand - and we want it to stop!
Following the massive success of Art Builders 2019, our big build art programme involving over 200 children and 8 lead schools, we now want to enable every primary school in Kent to programme an arts week – or day, giving all their young children an opportunity to get involved in the arts and be creative. We believe that Art Days should be programmed as regularly as Sports Days!
To do this, we realised that as well as inspiring children in the classroom, we need to work with their teachers, too, to make dreams happen. This campaign aims to champion art experiences for every child, every year.
So, please help us! Here’s the link to our appeal, with more information about our ambitions: http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/artbuilders2020
PLEASE share with your networks, families, friends, local schools and work colleagues! 
Thank you!

08 Oct 2019

Robyn Goldsmith
Education Services Medway
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